Welcome to the Trading Syndicate Academy!

Inside the academy you'll gain access to everything you will need, in order to get you trading in the stock market and making money.

Call it the GPS to the stock market. . . our no fluff, no BS step by step guides are designed to help all levels of traders whether you are new or advanced.

Get started with part I and part II below, which will prepare you for our 6-week in-house live mentorship program!

Part I: Beginners Course

Our Beginners Course will cover:

  • Choosing a Brokerage
  • How to Setup TOS for Options Trading
  • Different Types of Security Trading
  • Reading a Callout & Executing a Position
  • Risk Management & Position Sizing
  • Trading Psychology & Mindset
  • How to Navigate & Use Our Discord Server

Part II: Intermediate Course

Our Intermediate Course will cover:

  • Trading Strategies & Mindset
  • Basic Technical Analysis
  • Advanced Technical Analysis
  • The Syndicate's Trading Profile
  • Candlestick & Chart Patterns
  • Why Trade Futures?

Technical Analysis Bible